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Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Gold Edition paid out as an Annual Subscription comes with the functionalities of Enterprise Silver with additional features that allow you to manage tax payments and filings, automate employee salaries, and an easy option to streamline payroll. With an annual commitment, you get a discounted rate compared to the monthly subscription.

The QuickBooks Enterprise Gold Annual Subscription can scale up to 30 users that give you room for your business growth. 

  • Advanced Reporting
  • Enhanced Payroll 
  • Automatic Product Upgrades
  • Online backup of all your critical data.
  • 14 different out-of-the-box User Roles to get you started immediately.
  • Add and track up to a million items including customers, vendors, inventory SKUs and more.
  • Choose an Industry Edition that fits your business needs – contractor, manufacturing, retail and wholesale organizations, and nonprofits. 

You Get:

  • Desktop Enterprise Software 
  • QuickBooks Priority Circle 24/7 Support
  • Connect to US-based Customer Service Experts
  •  Advanced Reporting
  • QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll
  • Online backup data storage and recovery
  • Automatic QuickBooks product upgrades
  • Access to on-demand, online QuickBooks training
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Why QuickBooks Enterprise Gold?


Advanced Reporting

Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Gold has over 200 in-built customizable reporting templates. Leverage the power of data, by analyzing and monitoring key performance metrics that matter to you and your business the most. 

Build custom reports by combining multiple company files to get a single dashboard view of your business data. The QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 offers the best-in-class reporting tools.

Enhanced Payroll by QuickBooks

An ideal solution if you prefer to manage your payroll in-house but need help with automating your employee payments, paying payroll taxes, and e-filing federal and state taxes forms for full-time, part-time and contract employees.   

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll lets you issue instant paychecks and even free direct deposits to your W2 and 1099 employees. While doing so, it automatically calculates your payroll taxes and completes federal (IRS) and state tax forms. You could also e-file your taxes including W-2 Year-ends, print W-2 forms for your employees within the Enhanced Payroll module.

QB Enhanced Payroll
Preferred Rates QuickBooks

Preferred Credit Card Processing Rates

QuickBooks Payments which is included in the QuickBooks Enterprise Gold Subscription speeds up your payments and receivables process. Embedded payment link within your invoice enables a customer to click-and-pay directly with a credit card or a bank transfer. What’s more, QuickBooks Payments gives you preferential rates on merchant processing fees.

 Payments deposited to your bank account is automatically added, matched and recorded in to QuickBooks Enterprise, reducing administrative time, increasing efficiency and productivity. 

App Integrations

Third-party Apps are increasingly important for businesses today. May popular apps such as Paypal, Dext (formerly Receipt Bank), Salesforce CRM, Expensify, Stripe, AMEX and 650 popular business apps that fulfill critical functions essential to operations.

The updated QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 version has improved web connectors that reduces time-to-integrate and makes adding third-party apps to the QuickBooks system a breeze. Moreover, the integrations are seamless and reduce duplicate or manual entries across apps. 


Get the most out of your QuickBooks Enterprise Gold Subscription

Why SaaS Direct is the trusted-source for over 10K customers?

SaaS Direct is one of the world’s largest seller of QuickBooks Enterprise products with a keen understanding of product-fit and solutions that add to the profitability of our customers. Our team of accountants and engineers possess the depth and breadth of product knowledge and the technical know-how to maximize your QuickBooks accounting software productivity.

Our customers include brick & mortar stores, warehouses & distribution centers, manufacturers, pharmacies, constructors, trade shops, technology firms, professional services, and more. We are a client-favorite due to the superior customer service and customized solutions we offer.  


Customer Benefits:

  • Robust technology partnerships that enable SaaS Direct to be a true one-stop-solution for our clients
  • Experts 1,000+ rapid and high-precision data migrations from popular accounting products like Sage, NetSuite among others to QuickBooks 
  • Customizations and Integrations with essential third-party apps 
  • Personalized customer support via chat, phone or email
  • Priority access to our team of accountants and technology experts 
  • One-to-One training sessions for optimal product use 

Not sure if QuickBooks Enterprise Gold is right for your business?

Talk to one of our QuickBooks Pro-Advisors to help you choose.

Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Popular Features

Get Business Insights

Take advantage of Advanced Reporting and the 200+ built-in reports. Customize your reports to gain the best view of your business process, growth and performance.

Keep Employees Happy

Get rid of spreadsheets, manual duplicate entries, and errors. Pay employees right within QuickBooks with printed checks or direct deposit, via integrated Payroll.

Built for a Growing Business

A small shop can plan growth and add more their users (up to 30) with the powerful and flexible QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop edition. Stay focused on your growth.

Pricing Made Easier

Pricing your product or service can be complex. Advanced Pricing add-on integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Enterprise, giving you the power to automate pricing, improve your margins and close more sales.

Accurate Job Costing

Track expenses on individual jobs and compare them against the revenues to quickly analyze return on investments, track income, monitor job-related purchases, record mileage and overheads.

Payments are a Breeze

Send and receive payments quicker, with automation built-in to QuickBooks Enterprise. QuickBooks Payments automatically tracks, updates, categorizes and records ACH, credit transactions or e-invoices.

Secure User Access

Enhanced security, cloud backup of your company files, user access controls to ensure the confidentiality of your business data. Control all the sections, functions, reports or data that every user within your company can access, view or edit.

Third Party Integrations

Don't let your existing third party software investments go waste. QuickBooks Enterprise comes with an updated web connector that allow you to integrate with various popular apps or products such as Salesforce CRM, Expensify, Dext and more.

End-to-End Inventory

Manage the entire sales order process within QuickBooks Enterprise from picking to shipping with the Advanced Inventory add-on . Automate inventory management and sales orders, and manage them from a single centralized dashboard.

What Our Customers Are Saying


100 % Satisfaction, we will definetely consider Saas Direct for our future Purchase as well.


Very easy to work with. Answered all questions quickly. Received download almost immediately after payment went thru


It was the best price for the product purchased with several options of the format I preferred. The transaction was seamless. Thank you!


Absolutely wonderful response time and download was immediate after payment. Also, the price was a lot better than going direct to Intuit.

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