Palmer Financial’s Zero Downtime Data Migration for Brighton Marine

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Palmer Financial Facilitates a Zero Downtime Data Migration for Brighton Marine from Sage 50 (Peachtree) to QuickBooks 2023 Version.

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About the Company

Palmer Financial is a leading accounting firm based in Maryland, serving small and medium-sized businesses across various industries. They specialize in tax planning, bookkeeping, payroll, and financial reporting services. Their team of experienced professionals provides personalized solutions to meet their clients’ accounting needs.

Other than curating a network of CPAs, they also provide strategic consultation to small and medium-sized businesses for growth strategies and financial prosperity. 

Palmer financial reached out to SaaS Direct to help with one of their clients Brighton Marine regarding a Peachtree Sage 50 accounting data migration to QuickBooks 2023.


Brighton Marine had been using Peachtree Sage 50 for their accounting needs for several years. However, they realized that the software was no longer meeting their business requirements, and they needed to switch to QuickBooks 2023.

The challenge was to migrate their accounting data from Peachtree Sage 50 to QuickBooks Premiere 2023 without causing any disruption to their operations.


  • Due to a malfunction in software, this was a critical case as many entries and transaction would give an error of a non-existing invoice, and the software gave another problem of the “lock table full” error. 
  • The SaaS Direct team ensured that all the potential roadblocks were addressed during the data mapping process, enabling a seamless data transfer.

Successful Outcomes

Brighton Marine experienced several benefits from their accounting data migration, including:

  • Improved accounting operations: QuickBooks Premiere 2023 provided enhanced features, for efficient operations. 

  • Zero downtime: Ensuring that Brighton Marine’s accounting operations continued without any interruptions. 

  • Accurate data transfer: SaaS Direct’s meticulous data mapping and quality check ensured that all data was accurately transferred. 2023.


Palmer Financial reached out to SaaS Direct, a trusted SaaS solutions provider, for help with a complex data migration for Brighton Marine. SaaS Direct’s team of experts suggested a zero downtime migration, which would enable Brighton Marine to continue its operations without any disruptions during the migration process.

SaaS Direct followed a meticulous eight-step process for the data migration:

  1. Discovery Meeting: SaaS Direct’s team had an initial consultation with Palmer Financial and Brighton Marine to understand their business needs and accounting requirements.

  2. Detailed Quote: SaaS Direct provided a detailed quote outlining the scope of the project, timeline, and costs involved.

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3. Project Kick-off: SaaS Direct’s team initiated the project, and Palmer Financial provided access to Brighton Marine’s Peachtree Sage 50 data.

4. Virtual Server: SaaS Direct set up a virtual server to ensure that the data migration process did not interfere with Brighton Marine’s daily operations.

5. Data Mapping: SaaS Direct’s team mapped the accounting data from Peachtree Sage 50 to QuickBooks Premiere 2023, ensuring that all data was accurately transferred.

6. Quality Check: SaaS Direct’s team performed a quality check to ensure that all the data was correctly transferred and that there were no discrepancies.

7. Transfer to Live: SaaS Direct’s team transferred the data to the live QuickBooks 2023 environment, ensuring that Brighton Marine’s accounting operations continued seamlessly.

Working with SaaS Direct

SaaS Direct specializes in accounting data conversions and data migrations with capabilities to convert 88+ software. With over 1500+ accounting data conversions delivered and over 25 years of cumulative ERP and accounting data migration experience, SaaS Direct helps businesses improve productivity and increase financial transparency. Inquire with us about your Quickbooks conversion needs today.

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