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Pivot Advantage Accounting Partners with SaaS Direct to Solve Complex Data Migration Problems for Clients

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About the Company

Pivot Accounting, a reputable accounting firm with 15 years of experience and over 300 clients in BC, Canada, is a leading provider of accounting services. They frequently receive requests from clients looking to switch to simpler accounting software or upgrade to a more advanced system. 

To capitalize on this opportunity, Pivot Accounting offers data migration services in partnership with SaaS Direct. Due to the success of these projects, SaaS Direct invited Pivot Accounting to join their partner program, which provides access to benefits such as monthly recurring revenue and discounted pricing. Pivot Accounting has proven to be a valuable strategic partner for SaaS Direct.


Pivot Accounting’s client, from the construction industry, wanted a solution that was specifically tailored to their industry and was cost-effective. Prior to the migration, the client was locked out of NetSuite and unable to export certain technical data. 

Additionally, the client wanted to move to a cloud-based solution so their files could be accessed online and at the same time deliver the requirements of the company. 


  • Pivot Accounting’s client from the construction industry wanted a solution tailored to their industry which was cost-effective.
  • Prior to migration, the client was locked out of NetSuite and unable to export certain technical data.
  • The client wanted to move to a cloud-based solution for online access to meet the company’s requirements with minimal downtime.

Successful Outcomes

  • Suggested migration to QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor Edition with cloud hosting solution for online access, reducing operational costs by 20% and increasing team efficiency by 48%.
  • Successfully retrieved internal links and recreated lost data during migration, ensuring zero-downtime conversion and upgraded underlying processes.
  • Improved relationship with client, joined SaaS Direct Partner Program for future projects.


SaaS Direct quickly assessed the situation and suggested migrating the data to QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor Edition, which has a user-friendly interface and is easy to navigate. 

Another requirement was to have a cloud-based solution, as QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor Edition is a desktop version. SaaS Direct introduced the company to SaaS Direct’s cloud hosting service, which allows the desktop version to be accessed online by everyone. This worked well, allowing construction teams to access the same data simultaneously from different locations. 

To prevent loss of data, SaaS Direct’s data migration specialists and tech support team were able to retrieve the necessary internal links and recreate lost data quickly and without errors, ensuring zero-downtime conversion.

Pivot advantage

We were Lucky that the guys at SaaS Direct can export all data and had the skill to recreate the linking tables in our Data Conversion Staging Database. Otherwise, the loss of data due to NetSuite disabling our account was going to be Huge.

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The client’s successful migration of data from NetSuite to QuickBooks helped them reduce operational costs by 20% due to the pricing difference between the two software. 

The team’s efficiency also increased by 48% as they were able to share data files easily and have instant access to real-time data. During the process, the SaaS Direct data migration specialists and tech team also upgraded underlying processes.

The successful migration journey also improved Pivot accounting’s relationship with their client and they have now joined the SaaS Direct Partner Program to execute more projects like Pivot accounting 

Working with SaaS Direct

SaaS Direct specializes in accounting data conversions and data migrations with capabilities to convert 88+ software. With over 1500+ accounting data conversions delivered and over 25 years of cumulative ERP and accounting data migration experience, SaaS Direct helps businesses improve productivity and increase financial transparency. Inquire with us about your Quickbooks conversion needs today.

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