Solutions For Franchises

Solving The Franchise Challenges

consistent balanced accounting for franchises by saas direct

Consistent Accounting

An unified, reliable accounting system across all franchise operators is essential for better visibility of profits, cohort comparisons and streamlined financial reports.

dashboard reports for franchises by saas direct

Franchise Dashboards

Access custom dashboards and detailed reporting most relevant to your operations. The 10,000 feet view of key indicators (KPIs) allows you to focus on growing your franchise business.

end to end franchise accounting services by saas direct

E2E Financial Services

Benefit from a custom bundled solution from software to service that includes best-in-class tech stack, bookkeeping for franchises, advisory services and fractional CFO access - End to End (E2E).

Take your franchise revenue to the next level.

Running a franchise is complicated – SaaS Direct makes it simple.

franchise solutions by saas direct

Migration Support

Migrating from legacy systems to QuickBooks or any best-in-class accounting system is easier than ever with SaaS Direct. Move your inventory, transactions and more seamlessly.


Franchise reporting can be complex and the multi-unit franchises increases the challenges. Our reporting modules offer comprehensive intelligent insights and KPIs that help you focus on growth.

Unified Billing

Franchise operations require more than one software to work seamlessly and connect back to financials. Our unified billing, removes the hassle of managing or renewing multiple apps.

Software to Service

SaaS Direct is an end-to-end franchise partner helping businesses re-focus on growth rather than figuring out a tech-stack, integrating apps, manage bookkeeping and similar administrative tasks.

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