Accounting For Non Profits

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Maximize Impact

The nonprofit sector is burdened with the task of doing more with less, but it does amazing things for communities by turning to technology to help it make a bigger impact.

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Do What Matters

Take care of what matters to you. Non-profit offerings such as QuickBooks One solution make it easier for organizations to do their work and influence what is important to them.

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Custom Solutions

Nonprofits need to track donations and grants, cash flow, and much more. The unique needs of a nonprofit are taken care of with QuickBooks, so your solution fits your mission.

Why QuickBooks is Perfect for Nonprofits

QuickBooks is the perfect partner for a nonprofit organization – here’s why:

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Nonprofit Accounting

QuickBooks is the most advanced cloud-based solution for nonprofit accounting. Functions allow your nonprofit to automate accounting processes, separating accounts and expenses. Your QuickBooks can keep you on time and budget while managing everything from donations to grants to salaries and expenses.


Your nonprofit reporting needs are extensive, and you need an accounting solution that can handle it all. QuickBooks is able to pull reports for finances quickly and organize them for your needs. Whether you are generating reports for your board, staff, funders, or the public, QuickBooks is ready.

Track Donations and Grants

Whether you're in the fundraising stage or allocating donor dollars to operating costs or programs, QuickBooks always has a function to enable your organization to do this easily and quickly. Easy integration with the most popular fundraising platforms makes it simple to automatically sync those donations to your QuickBooks.

Seamless Integration

QuickBooks is the most flexible accounting solution for nonprofits and integrates seamlessly with other tools. Simple integration with popular donation platforms and reporting platforms means you can do more than account for your nonprofit's work and finances.

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