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Advanced Inventory Systems

SaaS Direct provides a one-stop advanced inventory solutions matrix integrated with your accounting software with seamless workflows within a single platform.

Real-time Multichannel Tracking

With complex multi-channel, multi-location demands, stakeholders need real-time inventory tracking to avoid stock outs, fulfillment delays and optimized purchasing.

Reporting for Profitability

Live tracking, analysis, and assessment of the profitability of each product offers insights into strengths and weaknesses at a glance on a custom dashboard.

Integrated inventory solutions that connect the front & back of store.

Benefits of an integrated inventory solution engineered for business success.

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Phased Tracking

Never lose sight of your stock regardless of location, with tracking built into every phase of procurement to sales cycle.

Multi Location Management

Get granular bin-level data across multiple locations across the country or the globe without missing a step. Integrate with mobile scanners, POS and accounting systems.

eCommerce Integration

Don’t let competitors edge ahead. Fulfill orders where your customers are including, your storefront, drop-shipping, or online store.

Powerful Business Intelligence

With insights at every stage of the order cycle, gain high-level eyesight or detailed multi-level reporting for every product within the business process. Make timely, data-driven decisions.

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