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Service Partner Requirements & Benefits

You can upgrade to your plan at any time for additional
features and space.

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You can upgrade to your plan at any time for additional
features and space.


You can upgrade to your plan at any time for additional
features and space.

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Why join the services partner program?

You can upgrade to your plan at any time for additional
features and space.

Cloud Storage

This is a model of data storage in which the digital data is stored in logical pools.

Secured backup

The process of backing up, refers to the copying into an archive file of data.

Adaptable with all device

It can give perfect user experience in any type of device with various size.

Frequently asked questions

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Cost savings: If you are worried about the price tag that would come with making the switch over to cloud computing.

Security: One major hang up that many organizations have when it comes to adopting a cloud computing solution is the issue of security.

Flexibility: Your business has only a finite amount of focus to divide between all of its responsibilities.

Mobility: Cloud computing allows mobile access to corporate data via smartphones and devices, which, considering over 2.6 billion smartphones are being used globally today.

Insight: Hidden within the millions of bits of data that surround your customer transactions and business process are nuggets of invaluable, actionable information just waiting to be identified and acted upon.

Important Notes:

Windows 10 Home users will receive updates from Windows Update automatically when it’s available. Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise users will have the ability to postpone updates. The amount of time that Windows 10 Pro users can postpone updates is limited.

Small storage devices, like devices with 32GB hard drives or older devices with full hard drives, may need additional storage to complete the upgrade. You’ll see instructions telling you what to do during the upgrade. You may need either to remove unneeded files from your device or insert a USB flash drive to complete the upgrade.

Some devices with either little free space available or smaller hard drives, like 32 GB storage PCs, may have little free space available after upgrading. You may free up disk space and easily delete files, like temporary files or your previous version of Windows, within the Storage system setting.

Files for the previous version of Windows give you the option to remove Windows 10 and go back to your previous version of Windows. These files are automatically deleted 10 days after you upgrade. You can delete them now to free up space.

An internet connection is required to perform the upgrade. Windows 10 is a large file — about 3 GB — and Internet access (ISP) fees might apply.

United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Austria, India.
This information may change in the future, so please check with Obira for up-to-date data.Obira launched just over 1 years ago, and it’s fair to say that customers love it. Although the company has been cagy about subscriber numbers.

No Restructuring Support Party shall be obligated to fund or otherwise be committed to provide funding in connection with the Restructuring, except pursuant to a separate commitment letter or definitive documentation relating specifically to such funding, if any, that has been (i) executed by such Restructuring Support Party and (ii) approved by the Bankruptcy Court, as necessary, along with the satisfaction of any conditions precedent to such funding requirements.

they only are uninstalled, if you explicitly uninstall them. but you will no longer be able to open (and use the programs) after the trial period expires unless you license them. you can keep and use anything you created or edited with the programs. if you license them, they are not uninstalled. the trial period that limits the period during which the programs can be used is removed when you license them.
so, the programs are not changed, or uninstalled and then reinstalled. you simply open the programs and click help>license or sign up. or when they start, they’ll give you the option to license.

It’s your responsibility to have the purchasing process under control and reduce the risk of fraud at every step of checkout. Data thieves’ knowledge of how new technologies work is impressive. For that reason reducing the vulnerable points of payment processing is a crucial part of every eCommerce business.

You can find a Spreadsheet that you can use as a template for your product CSV here. When you’re done, download as a CSV and then upload to your obira store by going to the Products tab and clicking the ‘Import’ button.

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Join the Service Partner Program

You can upgrade to your plan at any time for additional
features and space.

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