Avalara for Manufacturing

Avalara helps solve your common compliance Issues
Manufacturers and Distributors can automate sales and use tax compliance and exemption certificate management 

Avalara Manufacturing helps solve common compliance challenges manufacturers and distributors face

Licensing and registration in multiple jurisdictions
Exemption certificate management
Item classification
Sales and use tax, cross-border taxes, VAT, GST, and specialty taxes
Audit documentation
Returns filing and remittance, even for $0 returns
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Think exempt sales make you exempt from sales tax compliance? Think again.

Sales tax legislation in the wake of the South Dakota vs. Wayfair, Inc. decision has far-reaching consequences, even for primarily tax-exempt businesses.

In many states, exempt sales count toward sales tax obligation thresholds. Once obligations are triggered, a business has to register with the state and file returns, even if that business hasn’t collected any sales tax. During an audit, states verify all proper documentation is in place for exempt sales, and any deviation can mean taxes, penalties, and fees.

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Avalara manufacturing solution includes

Avalara for Manufacturing Companies

Compliance documents

We’ll help manage the documents you need to stay compliant. 

Avalara for Manufacturing Companies

Tax calculation

Get the appropriate tax rate for transactions made in the U.S. or abroad. 

Avalara for Manufacturing Companies

Returns management

Choose the level of returns management that’s right for your business. 

See how Avalara handles manufacturing and distribution sales tax compliance challenges with ease

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Avalara for Manufacturing Companies

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