Avalara for Accounting Firms

Avalara for Accounting Firms

Avalara is the ultimate cloud-based tax returns solution

SaaS Direct will help you maximize your Avalara to prepare and file your clients’ sales tax returns without shouldering the high cost, hours, and effort.

Don’t leave money on the table, focus on clients, not time-consuming filing tasks.

Focus on your core business, and bottom line

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Keep to your core business

Avalara technology handles an astounding 2 million+ returns and prepares $36 billion in remittances annually – let SaaS Direct give your clients the strategic consulting they need with Avalara.

Let SaaS Direct take care of your Avalara needs, so you can focus on your bottom line, and growing your business while helping your clients grow theirs – offload all the tax preparation and filing.

Avalara Managed Returns for Accountants



Your Accounting Firm Has Never Had a Stronger Partner Than Avalara Managed Returns for Accountants

Avalara features an advanced cloud-based console with a comprehensive tax content database. The solution includes rates, forms, and filing requirements, constantly updated, so you are always up-to-date with the latest compliance needs. With a single Avalara console, you can manage the filing process for every single one of your clients and their returns!

Avalara is the ultimate in Managed Returns, and SaaS Direct is ready to help you take the leap.

Features and benefits

Easy-to-use Dashboard

Manage the filing process for all your clients and their returns from a single dashboard. There’s no need to manage multiple spreadsheets or sign in to multiple systems or state websites. Everything is managed through one cloud-based system.

Track Jurisdiction-Specific Filing Requirements

Managed Returns for Accountants automatically prepares tax returns based on the appropriate government forms and state and local requirements, eliminating the need to navigate multiple department of revenue sites.

Remits payments on your clients’ behalf

When it’s time to work with multiple departments, SaaS Direct and Avalara have you covered. Once you approve a tax liability worksheet for your clients, we’ll handle the filing, payment, and related notice management.

Work Remotely

As a cloud-based solution, your staff can manage your clients’ sales tax returns from any location, keeping your accounting business nimble and efficient.

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