Accounting For Manufacturers

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Inventory Management

View open purchase orders placed with vendors, get a full overview of customers and products ordered, and simplify your inventory management.

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Assemblies Management

No more manual input - Auto-tracking for assemblies puts powerful, efficient final build summaries in place, reducing the need to input each subassembly individually.

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First-in First-out Costing

Dual options for when you want to use average costing and first-in first-out costing (FIFO). Streamline your process and reduce errors immediately.

Accounting Bliss for Your Manufacturing Business

Accounting Software That Does the Heavy Accounting Lifting While You Do the Real Heavy Lifting

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Inventory Valuation Summaries

Quick view how much inventory is on hand, sales prices, and the costing for that inventory.

Assembly Shortage

Discover the inventory needed for assemblies, and when the next delivery date will be.

Inventory Status Tracking

See status updates immediately for available inventory, inventory on sales order, and inventory ready for assembly.


Live tracking, analysis, and assessment of the profitability of each product allows you to see strengths and weaknesses at a glance.

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Additional Features

  • Multiple-user support
  • Track serial numbers, lot numbers, or bin locations
  • Manage full inventory, all manufacturing assemblies, and shipping data in the same platform
  • Estimates, invoices, orders
  • Item tracking across multiple locations
  • Custom price level options
  • Full-service support
  • Transfer items from location to location

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